Our Snag Tights Review

Hey EveryFolx!

Today we are reviewing Snag Tights, a brand of tights for everyone, no matter their size. Or, as they say it themselves, “Tights that fit”.

We ordered a few samples of tights and shorts so we could check them out ourselves before stocking them and offering them to you!

Our first impression upon receiving the order was that they are following up on their claim to be eco-friendly. The parcel is made of recycled paper, and each pair is individually wrapped in tissue paper, sealed with a sticker showing the type/denier, size and colour of the item. 

We asked a few of our people to help us by trying on a few of the tights and give us their impressions (M. – he/him, S. – she/her, and D. – she/her). Here’s what they said to us:


FE: So, Folx, which ones did you try and what did you think when unwrapping them and putting them on?

D.: I tried on the 80 denier Colonel Mustard in size D, the 50 denier Blueberry Muffin in size F and the 30 denier Praline in size E. The 80 and 50 denier felt soft but strong, I was able to handle them without fear of ripping them. The sheers felt less strong, and were catching on my skin a little, which didn’t feel as good.

M.: I tried the Suffragette Purple, 80 denier, in size F, and the Watermelon, 50 denier in size G. I found both to be really comfortable to put on, and they seemed quite strong. I didn’t feel like they would tear or ladder too easily.

S.: I tried the 50 denier Blueberry Muffin tights and the Raspberry Pie Chub Rub Shorts, both in size F. I will admit, when I got them out of the paper, they looked so small I didn’t think I’d ever get in them! I haven’t worn tights since I was a kid in Primary School, and even then they were pretty easy to put on and slide up my legs.


FE: What about once they were on, how did they feel and did they fit properly?

M.: In terms of fit, the watermelon (size G) fit me the best; while both the F and G fit comfortably, the F rolled down a little after a while, while I found the G didn’t.

S.: According to the size guide, I’m a size F, and that size seems to fit perfectly.
The tights didn’t bunch up at the knee or ankle, but still covered my legs very nicely, and the waistband went up to mid torso, for a nice and snug feel.
They felt very comfy, almost to the point of forgetting I was wearing tights. That said, as light as they felt, they were also really stretchy and felt strong enough to resist being handled without having to be extra careful.
The shorts also felt pretty comfy, though I didn’t wear them for very long so I can’t say how much they actually help with not chafing. They felt warm and stretchy and, same as the tights, I could barely feel I was wearing them.

D.: The mustard was a few sizes too small (size D) they fitted my legs but didn’t go high enough up my torso.
The 50 Blueberry was my favourite, it fit like a glove, almost forgot I was even wearing tights. Overall they were easy to move around in and were warm but didn’t cause me to sweat. I felt the sheer wasn’t as comfortable as the 50 and 80 denier and seemed to be less strong than the others.


FE: Were the colours as vibrant as advertised?

S.: They sure are! Even with the 50 denier showing a little bit of skin through, the colours were still very strong, and so bright too! It’s like those colourful lollies that attract your eye in the shops, but in tights. 

M.: The colours are so bright and eye catching! My favourite was the purple – the higher denier brought the colours out more, and covered both scars and hair on my legs. 

D.: The colours were so vibrant, I loved the Mustard and the Blueberry. The mustard was bold enough in colour to hide scars on my legs and I would feel confident to go out in them.


FE: Thank you so much for your help! Just one last question to wrap this up. Would you order them for your personal use?

M.: Looking forward to adding some to my regular wardrobe! I love how comfortable they are.

D.: Definitely looking at ordering the 80 Denier in Mustard and 50 denier Blueberry. Probably other 80 denier ones too!

S.: I had a hard time taking those off, as they were nice and warm. I will definitely wear some under my pants in the Winter as a 2nd layer! And yes, I would definitely recommend Snag Tights as a brand of tights to wear!


Well, there you have it, Folx! 

Snag Tights is definitely a brand to go for, and we, at Folx Emporium, are happy to stock them for you!


You can also find this review on our Facebook page, as well as the photos of the session here.


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