Because taking proper care of your products is important to make them last as long as possible, we have compiled care instructions for your convenience! Click on the brand and/or products you’re looking for:

Snag Tights tights and shorts

We recommend washing them on their own for the first time and washing them before wearing as the colour – does not always but – may transfer. Officially you should hand wash them using a ‘non-aggressive’ detergent. As busy people, we usually just stick them in a 40-degree wash inside a pillowcase or lingerie bag. Please do take care when drying them though – squeeze dry only and avoid direct heat, as it can degrade the stretch.

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Danae binders

Our Danae products are machine washable (we recommend setting the washing machine to 30 degrees with minimal detergent, for best results). Avoid tumble-drying, as the materials aren’t suitable for the dryer.

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LesMask binders

We recommend you wash your LesMask binders by hand. If you really need to use your washing machine, put your binder in a lingerie bag and use the “Delicates” or “Gentle” setting, using cold water (warm/hot water might shrink the garment). Hang your binder in the shade to dry. Avoid using the tumble-dryer, as it might damage or shrink the binder. Do not bleach or dry clean your binder. Do not wring it to remove excess water. Do not iron your binder, as it might get damaged.

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