Welcome to Adelaide’s first retail shopping experience designed specifically for everyfolx.

Established in September 2019, Folx Emporium was created by Sandrine and MAtt, two neurodivergent queer residents of Adelaide (and a married couple). 

Sandrine is autistic and demi-sexual (and mostly a lesbian, though for some reason, Matt managed to become her happy exception). She was born in France, and moved to Australia in early 2012 to be with Matt, after about 8 years of talking to each other over the internet and visiting each other a couple times.

Matt is from Adelaide through and through, he is pansexual and polyamorous, with a sprinkle of ADHD to spice up the mix. 

Both have been working a day time job since before the Emporium’s creation, having only their spare time and finances to put in the venture, but doing their utmost to provide the best possible care and service.

“We have dreamed of providing a safe service for transgender and otherwise non-binary individuals where they can comfortably buy clothes specifically designed for their needs.

~ Fashion for Folx ~

The Emporium is the next stage of our dream, bringing the online store into real-space, making it a place where you can interact, and delve into the social and sensory experience of shopping in a safe and supportive environment.”