Fly Your Colours Pin – Non-Binary Flag

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Fly your colours with this stylish non-binary flag pin!

The flag consists of four stripes coloured (from top to bottom) yellow, white, purple and black. – Yellow represents those whose gender exists outside of and without reference to the binary as yellow is often used to distinguish something as its own. – White represents those who have many or all genders as white is the photological presence of color and/or light. – The purple stripe represents those who feel their gender is between or a mix of female and male as purple is the mix of traditional boy and girl colors. The purple also could be seen as representing the fluidity and uniqueness of nonbinary people. – The final black stripe represents those who feel they are without gender, as black is the photological absence of color and/or light.

High quality soft enamel sealed in an epoxy dome.
Approximately 1 inch square, fastened with a butterfly metal clasp on the back.

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Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 0.25 cm


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