Stay Cool Shorts – Builders Tea

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Say goodbye to chub rub (aka chafing) with Snag Tights Chub Rub shorts, available in a range of beautiful colours!

The Builder’s Tea, despite its name isn’t a drink for Tradies, but more of a light tan colour.

The yarn has been designed to be super breathable and transfer body heat very quickly to keep your body temperature comfortable no matter how hot it is outside! No more uncomfortable summer days!! The fabric and cotton gussets keep you fresh and rub-free – while the bottom of your legs can soak up the sun. Perfect for everyday wear and going on holiday. They pull up high on the tummy to give a smooth silhouette without being restrictive. The solution to summer!

Size: Use this size guide to find the best fit for you!

2 tables side by side, showing the sizing for snag tights

All Snag Tights shorts have a cotton gusset and are constructed from LYCRA® 3D technology that allows for comfort sizing across the width of the calf and thigh. They have a comfort ‘Elastane’ waistband with flat seams which don’t sag and roll or leave marks on the body.

Care: Always wash your Snags before you wear them the first time, to make sure there is no residual dye on them. Tights can get caught in the drum of a washing machine so always either hand wash them or else put them inside a pillow case or lingerie bag to protect them. Always squeeze dry, don’t tumble dry, and avoid direct heat because it degrades the stretch.

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Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm

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